When you can, reblog. You will findn’t viewed any for Asian OCs

When you can, reblog. You will findn’t viewed any for Asian OCs

-if you actually have Asian characters, don’t be scared to make them queer, impaired, or whatever else that’s under-represented. We are not only cishet,abled visitors.

-again, as op stated, try not to make certain they are a label. Hunting upwards stereotypes. And steer clear of all of them. You may want to request sensitivity audience also

-Asia is filled with a number of varied cultures and lots of various religions. More often than not, faith turns out to be part of the culture. Be sure to, be sure to seek information before you thoroughly butcher one or these two.

-Elaborating on preceding point, We have browse some books where a figure (mainly from Asia) whom either wears a hijab or continually makes use of Allah’s label, but they are since not even close to Muslims jointly get. Its cringey and frankly sometimes simply distressing observe. Multiple statement and a head garment try not to create a Muslim. (i am certain there are other religions also countries that have perhaps experienced a bias in this way , but since I do not know all of them and additionally my own, we’ll keep from commenting upon any)

Thus yeah that’s essentially all i need to include, if any one has a lot more tips for Asian characters, be sure to, feel free to incorporate all of them here!

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Aewin Chomp!

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