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Cryptonoobs will help people explore the world of blockchain. We try to make complex and complicated things easy. What would you like to learn? Check out our blog section for in depth knowledge.


We provide several information about this topic. Bitcoin is open source, the design is public, Bitcoin is owned and controlled by no one.

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A block chain is a continuously expandable list of data records, called “blocks”, which are concatenated by cryptographic methods

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An altcoin is an alternative crypto currency. Altcoins include all crypto currencies except Bitcoin. Altcoin is the term used to describe alternative digital assets

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We started investing back in 2017. As you can imagine we made nearly all mistakes you can do in the beginning. We want to share now our experience

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For those who are not willing to trade but are interested in bitcoin and Altcoins, we provide information how to set up your own mining rig

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We added several news pages to our website so our users are always up to date with the most relevant topics in the crypto space

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