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Cryptonoobs is the place to be if you are new to cryptocurrencies and want to learn more about how to get bitcoin, how to trade bitcoin and what is bitcoin.

Get ready for this new world of payments. Are you ready?

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About our vision

We think cryptocurrency is here to stay. Not too many years from now we will be fully using some kind of digital currency. The fact is that we are not there quite yet and for many the gap to cryptocurrency is too big.

About our Mission

Our mission is to reduce the gap and create the bridge of knowledge to the newcomers in cryptocurrency. By providing informative guides and tips and tricks we want to reach out to people and welcome them to cryptocurrency. We hope to create a nice community.

About us

Rafael & Max met in Groningen for the first time. Max did an exchange semester in Groningen and liked it that much that he came back for his Master. As their friendship continued Max moved in during the study phase – that was in 2017. Rafael already hooked to crypto and new technologies gave Max an introduction to cryptocurrencies. From that point on both were discussing and trading crypto every day and now want to share their knowledge they gained over the years.

About the individuals

Maximilian Nestler


I’d describe myself as an empathic, goal-oriented professional who tackles difficult questions from different angles. Growing up in a merchant family and giving the opportunity to manage a daily bistro for half a year developing my entrepreneurial way of thinking before studying business management in an international setting.

By doing several internships in management consulting I got hooked to the idea to find individual solutions to current company problems and figuring out strategic plans for the future. As a digital native, I got obsessed with new technologies like blockchain, IoT or augmented reality. The art to combine new technologies with revenue generating business models, leading traditional corporation through the digital transformation and orchestrating ecosystems lead me to my new job in a Tech Startup in Munich- Webglobic Technologies GmbH.

Through my family, I got in contact with systematic coaching, which enables me with a superb toolset to find effective and creative solutions.

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Rafael van den Berg


Since 2013, I have been very interested in the new era of peer to peer transactions. I am a developer and interested in the blockchain technology. My vision is that one day we will be using some way of p2p currency which replaces the money as we know it now. In 2013 I experienced the first so-called bull run in crypto and invested for the first time. I was amazed how easy it was and I want to transfer my knowledge to all the people out there to get more acceptance for crypto payment. Overall, I would characterize myself as an open & empathic person. I love to discuss topics to a deeper level and challenge people to get their best out of themselves.

We are passionate about the blockchain and inspired by our future – Read more in our blog